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Modern House Kit, built using Cross Laminated Panels. Bonus 22sqm Granny Flat, as part of the House Kit!
Price from: 95 000 AUD
Home Size: 173 м2
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Pasadena house kit is based on a standard 173 sqm house design from Oxley using Cross Laminated Timber technology, aiming to make the most of the living space of the house. We have also included a bonus 22 sqm Granny Flat!

The design uses new building technologies using Cross Laminated Panels, that are becoming more popular across Europe and North America. The panels consist of several layers (three, five or more) of lamellas, with all layers being perpendicular to the neighboring ones. The finished wall construction exhibits a high degree of vapor permeability to mitigate the effects of moisture under relevant weather conditions. Suitable for non-visible finishes, CLT is also compatible with exposed finishes.

You can order a new house project, or use our existing solutions that have already been tested on construction sites. We are confident that whichever you decide to choose, by ordering a project from us you will feel and appreciate the comfort, strength, style, high thermal insulation and environmental friendliness of CLT houses.


Bottom piping for reinforced concrete slab

  • Strapping for the ready-made reinforced concrete slab.
  • Glued laminated timber 100 x 100 mm (according to project requirements).

Complete structural frame

  • Made from large-format Cross Laminated Timber panels. The outer side of the panels is primed for painting (wood grade A / A).
    The panels are pre-cut with window and door openings. Cuts are made for fasteners and joinings. CLT outer walls consist of 5 layers.
    Internal CLT walls are composed of 5 layers. Glued structural beams are 120 X 80 mm, 100 X 100 mm.

Rafter system

  • Floor beams are made from glued laminated timber 120 x 80 mm. The pitch of the floor beams is 590 mm for insulation.
  • Insulation PAROC15, two layers of 50 mm. Ceiling board (Grade AA) 20 x 90 mm for hemming the ceiling, increments of 300 mm.
  • The walls do not require additional external finish (CLT panels have an external existing finish and insulation).


  • Lathing made from edged boards (Grade AA) 20 x 900mm.
  • OSB-3 – one layer.
  • Slope forming system.
  • Sewing parapet, drip, wind strips, gutters.
  • Weld-on roof kit (flat roof system, with a slope of 4 degrees, 3 slopes)

Complete facade glazing.

  • Single-chamber double-glazed windows, shock-resistant, noise-insulating, energy-saving, tempered glass 4-4 (i) mm, with 24 mm spacers.
  • The thickness of the glass is 32 mm. Glass unit: 4 M1, hardened 4 M1. Windows and entrance door from aluminum 40-70 mm.
  • Solid wood interior doors.


  • Support system made of maple timber 100 x 100 mm.
  • Beam system made of maple timber 120 x 80 mm.
  • PAROC 15 insulation , two layers of 50 mm.
  • Cutting board (Grade AA) 20 x 90 mm. for hemming the ceiling, increments of 300 mm.
  • Lathing made of edged boards (Grade AA) 20x900mm.
  • OSB-3 – one layer.
  • Weld-on roof kit (flat roof system, with a slope of 4 degrees, 2 slopes)

All fasteners as per the house project (rothoblaas or analogs, x-fix)

House kit does not include*
Concrete slab, plumbing or electrical, interior decorations, internal partitions, floors.

If you haven’t found a project that suits you, we can help you design your new home.
If you think that something is missing from the house kit, we are more than happy to include it!

Why are CLT panels better than brick veneer?
In terms of its qualities, CLT is superior to most wood building materials due to the absence of shrinkage, the highest strength under horizontal loads, geometry accuracy, and resistance to hostile environments and fire. The light weight of CLT structures (six times lighter than those of concrete) allows for a light foundation.

CLT Declaration of Performance

Included in the kit

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, double glazed windows, all doors.
10% discount for OSB, insulation, roof shingle and floor laminate!

Number of floors

1 floor


Granny Flat, 22 sqm


Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)


3 bedroom, Study, Kitchen, Laundry, Garage, Deck

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