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July 9, 2021by admin
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House Kits with a steel frame, based on LSTS technology
Price from: 25 000 AUD
Home Size: from 60 м2
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What is the steel framing LSTS technology?

LSTS technology (Light Steel Thin-walled Structures) is a modern type of house frame construction. Cold-formed galvanized steel profiles are used here as frame elements. The profiles are connected to each other, like a metal constructor, using self-tapping screws.

Why do we recommend LSTS technology?

1. Fast construction process
This construction method can be compared to assembling a Lego set – the frame is constructed from ready-made elements. The only required tools are a screwdriver. Therefore, the assembly of the frame, for example, a 2-storey home, will take no more than 3 days, with a team of four people.

2. Tidy construction site
At the construction site, only the assembly of the frame is carried out. No construction waste.

3. Cheaper than wood framing
Minimization of manual labor and construction time, the relative cheapness of materials (in comparison with other types of frame construction) – all this significantly reduces construction costs.

Roof: flat, with external gutters. Construction method: LSTS
Windows from PVC plastic. A multi-chamber window system that is distinguished for high reliability, quality, and heat-saving technologies.

Steel trusses and frame

From 60 square meters

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