Tegola Top Shingle Premier Polymer Shingles

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From manufacturer based in Europe.
Available in pallets only
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1 Pallet contains 48 packages of shingles (1 pack has enough shingles to cover 2.57sqm area)

1 Pallet ...

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$ 4 000
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Available in pallets only
 3 pallets left.

1 Pallet contains 48 packages of shingles (1 pack has enough shingles to cover 2.57sqm area)

1 Pallet contains 123.36sqm and weights 1,334.4kg

To the sale, we also include 3 x packs of galvanized roofing nails, 5 rolls of waterproof underlay carpets, and 10 pcs of metal aprons per pallet:

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Information from Manufacturer:

Flexible tile TEGOLA based on APP-bitumen is a modern high-tech roofing material with increased resistance to aggressive ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. The reliability of TEGOLA shingles has been tested in various climatic conditions around the world, which allows us to provide our customers with an extended warranty on all collections.

The protective layer of TEGOLA shingles is made of basalt granulate. This inherently durable mineral is highly workable, and the high-temperature dyeing process ensures color retention and a natural hue.

The Tegola soft roof, uses Italian technology of oxidized bitumen roofing tiles inspired by Western European architecture. The traditional shingles and natural colors of the collections are suitable for most roofs. A decorative coating made from a combination of basalt and anthracite, painted by firing to give the inexpensive soft roof maximum resistance to sunlight and atmospheric precipitation. All products are provided with a 20 year warranty.

Shingle thickness 2.8 mm

Granulate Mix: anthracite, basalt

Fits tightly

Does not fade

The patented bituminous shingle welding has an increased bond strength. Adhesive surfaces form a single molecular system – as when welding metal

Spread is painted by firing method and practically does not change color during its entire life.


For the installation of roofing, a flat, dry and clean base is required, which can be made of OSB (oriented strand board), plywood with increased moisture resistance, grooved, edged boards, reinforced concrete slabs, etc. The joints of the base elements should be spaced apart with a gap of 3-4 mm, while the differences in height should not exceed 2 mm.

For additional waterproofing of the roof, roll lining materials are used. 

With a slope of slopes up to 30 °, the lining layer is laid over the entire surface of the roof in rows parallel to the eaves, with a longitudinal overlap of 10 cm, a transverse one - 20 cm.

Fixation (fastening) of sheets

To fasten Tegola Top Shingle Premier shingles, galvanized roofing nails (FeZn) with improved fit (ruffled, twisted) with smooth wide heads (nail diameter - at least 3 mm, head diameter - at least 9 mm) are used. The length of the nails depends on the thickness and type of the crate.  https://oxleytrade.com.au/product/galvanized_roofing_nails/

Flexible shingle Tegola Top Shingle Premier - the opportunity to purchase a quality product for a reasonable price.
Thickness, mm
Width, mm
Length, mm
Pack quantity, pcs.
Pack weight, kg
Warranty, years
Installation method
direct mounting
Ceramicized basalt granulate
Included in the kit
Instructions for laying shingles
Leave a request and we will calculate according to your requirements
Moisture resistance
moisture resistant

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