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Double Glazed Windows


Double glazed windows, and triple glazed windows.

Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) also known as Double Glazed Windows combines two panes of glass with a metal or polymer spacer between them. Since the cavity between panes is fully sealed, spacers usually contain a desiccant to prevent moisture build up.

It’s the space between the glass that provides the benefits of this glazing system- the pocket of air (or gas, such as argon, which has low conductivity) acts as a buffer and resists heat flows. This can reduce solar heat gain in Summer and decrease heat lost in Winter. IGUs with a difference in thickness between the two panes can greatly minimize the intrusion of medium to high frequency noise into a building. Finally, IGUs add an extra layer of security as the two panes are more difficult to break than one.

Widest range of colors and finishes. There is an option for every project, in every style. We can offer interior and exterior profiles in almost any color you can imagine. More than 450 different shades and finishes are available: metallic or anodized, matte or glossy RAL colors and even the special Coatex, maintenance-free and scratch-resistant finish. 

All our windows are imported directly from Europe, from an established supplier. We are able to offer competitive solutions for any type of project.

Standard and other sizes available:

2800 x 1200
2400 x 1400
2800 x 1200
2600 x 1200

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