Oxley Trade, Building Maerial

About Oxley Trade

Welcome to Oxley Trade Pty Ltd!

We are a small, family-owned, local Australian business that specializes in importing high-quality, affordable, rare, and common building materials to the Australian market from Europe!

- We have an online business model, since we don't have to hire a lot of staff & rent and operate physical store, we can provide great quality products at a cheaper rate than our competitors.

- Our business model might not be the same as the other local businesses, therefore we kindly ask and would appreciate it if you read our Payment and Delivery, Warranty and Returns pages.

- We believe that building connections and open communication with our customers is important, therefore we are looking to provide interaction with our friendly staff, and working on procedures being done less automatically via technology.

- We are happy to provide our services to any customers who have come across to us: builders, specialists, other suppliers, regular folks, we are all happy to see you and welcome you!


The product pickup location is a warehouse in Acacia Ridge, Brisbane

And also:

  • Large network of established product manufacturers in Europe (Egger, Tegola, Kalevala, Ultralam, Paroc)
  • Exclusive distributor / agent for a number of products.
  • Strict due diligence process (FSC, PEFC, ISO, CEN).
  • Local market knowledge.
  • Compliance with International Standards.