Real European clinker, hand-molded tile 490 X 52 x 14 mm

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Please note that we cannot fulfill orders in small quantities as it is exported from Europe, Minimum order quantity: 1 x 40 ft container. Terms of delivery: FCA .Leave a request and we will calculate the price in accordance with your requirements.

Quantity in m2                 -  38,31  pcs

Number of pcs per pack  - 18  

Weight m2     ...

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Quantity in m2                 -  38,31  pcs

Number of pcs per pack  - 18  

Weight m2                     -   23.7522  kg 

Number of pcs per pallet  - 1080  

Standard pallets - 1000x1200 mm.  - 21

Euro pallets - 800x1200 mm.     -  25

Loading rates for a container

The internal volume of a 40-foot container is 67.3-67.8 m3.

The maximum carrying capacity is 24.8-26.8 tons.
The weight of a 40-foot container without cargo is 3,640-4,000 kg.

Facade hand-molded clinker tiles LF18 Obsidian shadow, from the KING SIZE series, are produced at the King Klinker factory in LF format and size 490 X52 x 14 mm, characterized by minimal moisture absorption. It is used in facing buildings and premises. Clinker is so widely used due to its extraordinary strength and resistance to environmental influences. It is one of the most common material, as it combines reliability with a variety of shapes and colours. And due to its durability, the surface will not need to be repaired for long. Feldhaus Klinker products are materials used in facade finishing and road paving and produced in Germany. To obtain them, shale clay is used, which is formed by extrusion, and then fired in a kiln at a very high temperature. Such materials are called clinker.

Use advantage

Clinker bricks, facade tiles and Feldhaus Klinker paving stones are durable materials that will serve without loss of appearance for several decades. Due to its specific composition and pre-treatment, the clinker is not subject to cracks, chips and other surface defects. The surface is water-repellent and non-slip.

At the moment, when choosing a cladding material, more and more people pay attention to its environmental friendliness. The material must first be safe for the person himself and, of course, not harm the environment. Clinker Feldhaus Klinker meets all the requirements regarding environmental safety; it is harmless in its normal state and when exposed to direct sunlight, winds, moisture and other natural phenomena.

Height, mm
Width, mm
Length, mm
Pack quantity, pcs.
Pack weight, kg
Warranty, years
Installation method
direct mounting
natural clay
Leave a request and we will calculate according to your requirements
Moisture resistance

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