Plywood FSC Birch unsanded (30*1220*2440) mm

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Weight per sheet   -   52,0   

Package weight (kg)   - 624

Number of sheets in a pack  - 12

Sound insulation index...

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Weight per sheet   -   52,0   

Package weight (kg)   - 624

Number of sheets in a pack  - 12

Sound insulation index 23 dB

Thermal conductivity 0.15 W/(m⋅K)

Modulus of elasticity along the main axis (length) 7000 MPa

Bending strength along the main axis 25 MPa

Loading rates for a container 

The internal volume of a 40-foot container is 67.3-67.8 m3.

The maximum carrying capacity is 24.8-26.8 tons.

The weight of a 40-foot container without cargo is 3,640-4,000 kg.

Plywood FSC Birch - durable sheet material, glued together under high pressure and high temperature. Birch veneer gives plywood high strength, and a special adhesive composition - increased water resistance. Exterior and Interior Birch Plywood and Film Faced Plywood is a high-quality construction material with high durability and moisture resistance. Plywood is a sheet building material used in construction and furniture making. It is a manufactured product, made by gluing thin layers of wood veneer together. This product is FSC or PEFC certified.


For the production of plywood, drooping and fluffy birch is used - mainly these two species are found in Russia, in the Baltic states and Scandinavian countries they are represented in small quantities. It is from them that the best birch plywood is obtained - they have fewer knots, their annual rings are thinner. The finished veneer has fewer defects. Birch plywood other coniferous, this is the main reason why it is used in the construction industry. Other reasons for popularity:

high load capacity - 2 times higher than that of pine plywood sheets;

exceptional resistance to sudden temperature changes - withstands critically low temperatures without consequences;

birch plywood constructions are suitable for operation in any climatic conditions.

Birch plywood is one of the most durable materials when choosing a material for different purposes, one should take into account the expected load, temperature and humidity conditions. At high humidity, we recommend buying laminated plywood sheets, for interior work - ordinary, sanded or unsanded. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of products for industrial needs.

Thickness, mm
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Length, mm
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direct mounting
Birch wood veneer
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