Cross Laminated Timber , CLT panels ( 80 Х 1050 Х 3200) mm

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This revolutionary material not only allows the creation of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings but also significantly reduces construction time, which is a priority in today's... more
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This revolutionary material not only allows the creation of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings but also significantly reduces construction time, which is a priority in today's dynamic reality of the construction industry. 

Cross Laminated Timber or CLT panels - massive building material made of wood. Due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, it has excellent thermal insulation properties and withstands heavy loads. The vertical lamellas of the slab determine the bearing capacity, while the horizontal lamellas determine the longitudinal stiffness. The adhesive seam between the lamellas is formed at the molecular level and is absolutely harmless, due to these factors it is widely used in Europe.

Loading rates for a container 

The internal volume of a 40-foot container is 67.3-67.8 m3.
The maximum carrying capacity is 24.8-26.8 tons.
The weight of a 40-foot container without cargo is 3,640-4,000 kg.

Thickness panel (mm): 80
Width panel (mm): 1050 
Length panel (mm):  3200
Panel weight: 450 kg - 500 kg/m3
Multilayer glued solid wood board, Wood species Spruce
3 layers of criss-crossed boards chamber dried to 12% humidity (ВВВВА) 

Material Properties:

Specific heat capacity: c = 1.60 kJ/(kg-K) according to EN ISO 10456

Steam penetration resistance: 20–50

Noise isolation: aprox. R > 60 dB , but dependents on wall or ceiling build-up

Strength class: (lamellas): C24 according to EN 338 (equivalent to $10 acc. to DIN 4074)

Thermal conductivity: Between 0.1 W/(m.K) and λ = 0.12 W/(m.K) according to EN ISO 10456

Bending strength: 10 N/mm2

Shear modulus: 50 N/mm2

Estimated load: on the wall 60 kN / m 2, on the ceiling 5 kN / m 2

Reaction to fire: D, s2, d0 according to Commission Decision2005/610/EC

Thermal conductivity coefficient: 0.1 W/(m·S)

Surface treatment technical, planed or ground

Surface: Planed/Sanded

Surface Qualities: Residential visible and Industrial visible

Type of wood: Spruce from the northern forests

Lamellas: Kiln dried, quality graded and finger-jointed

Glue: Formaldehyde-free PUR adhesive, approved for load-bearing indoors and outdoors timber components use

Moisture content: 12% (± 2%) at point of delivery

Dimension Stability: 

- Longitudinal: 0,02 % per % of change in moisture content

- Perpendicular: 0,025 % per % of change in moisture content

Airtightness: airtight from a panel thickness of 90 mm

Available on request:

- Edge profiling

- 3, 5 or 7 layers of criss-crossed boards

- Thickness of 60, 80 or max 120mm


Cross Laminated Timber or CLT, is an engineered product from wood, similar in construction to an extremely durable plywood, used for fabricated structural applications. From residential dwellings to apartment buildings CLT technology allows for a durable construction made from wood.

Layers of timber, known as lamellas, are glued together with the grain alternating at 90 degree angles for each layer. The exterior layers’ grains run lengthways, giving optimum strength. CLT is manufactured in a similar way to glulam, except that glulam is layered with the grain. Cross-laminating layers of wood veneer improves the structural properties of wood by distributing the along-the-grain strength of wood in both directions, and this means that CLT panels can be used to form complete floors, walls and roofs.

While CLT is a timber product, it should not be thought of as a timber frame product – it is a timber panel product that actually has similar characteristics to that of a pre-cast concrete panel. The advantages this offers new buildings is quite exciting – timber panels are much lighter than concrete, more easily worked and easier to erect.

Oxley Trade sources CLT panels from Europe, from manufacturers who go through a rigorous quality selection process and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. All wood is FSC and PEFC certified. Get in touch today, to find out how you can use this innovative building material in your next project!
Thickness, mm
Width, mm
Length, mm
Installation method
direct mounting
softwood laminate: pine
Leave a request and we will calculate according to your requirements
Wood species
Moisture resistance
Humidity 10-12%

Delivery is available on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please get in touch for pricing.  

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